Expert Interview No. 2 Renowned Nutritionist Dr Vidhi Patel


I was lucky enough to first interview the lovely Dr Vidhi Patel last year for The Aesthetics Journal on Holistic approaches to skin treatments and we instantly got on so well and had so much to talk about! I couldn’t wait to interview Vidhi again so I went to her Mayfair based clinic at Minerva Labs to talk about Vidhi’s incredible approaches and every day recommendations for those wishing to improve their health…

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Face: Vidhi Patel


Every Saturday in the ‘face’ tell unknown and famous people all over their skin….

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7 Healthy Hacks From A Top Nutritionist


UniDaily’s guide on how to stay healthy this summer…

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Vidhi Patel, Nutritionist At Gold Collagen


I am Vidhi Patel, an ardent nutritionist, herbalist, homoeopathic medical doctor from India as well as R&D Consultant for Minerva Research Labs by profession…

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Smiling Vidhi


From Gujarat to London to bring the message of love, And to show a way towards happiness. This is the spiritual beauty of Vidhi Patel…

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How To Feed Your Skin From The Inside


How To Feed Your Skin From The Inside…

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Winter Skincare Secrets


Winter weather is one of the most difficult times for the health of the skin…

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The beauty tips with Nutritionist Vidhi Patel


Dr. Patel Vidhi Nutritionist and Naturopath at Minerva Reaserch Labs recommends some proven beauty tricks…

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The Organic Pharmacy Detox


A safe, healthy and organic way to Detox…

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5 Nutrition hacks for flawless skin


5 Nutrition Hacks that will give your skin a flawless Summer Glow by Dr.Patel…

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