Vidhi really understands me and totally gets how my body operates and functions; it is extraordinary listening to her diagnosing everything – she pinpoints exactly my body weaknesses and makes everything seem so obvious and simple. Nothing is ever a problem, and everything is manageable which is exactly what one wants to hear. I have spoken to people in the past about my health concerns and niggle, yet no one has simplified and solved things like she has

Clare NortonLondon

I’ve known Vidhi for 3 years now and I can say that she helped me and my family a lot. One of my kids suffered from eczema and chest problems, and she managed to cure him with food and homeopathy. As for me I had problems with toxicity, weight and sleep, and she managed to put it me on the right track with all natural remedies.
Vidhi became a friend and managed with her skilful ways to make me feel at ease and feel that I can achieve a healthier lifestyle if I just put my mind into it.

D.MohsenElite Jewellery DesignerLondon

Vidhi has been a fantastic find, not only does she work in the medical field but also the alternative medicine field, giving you the best solution for the problems you are having. Vidhi put me completely at ease and the test was very quick, the results which were obtained from the test and Vidhi’s knowledge were fantastic and very eye opening. I was able to adjust my diet with some small additions and subtractions which made me feel so much better. Even after the test Vidhi is always available for a discussion with any questions and queries. I have been recommending her to all of my friends and family who need this kind of support and treatment. I feel very lucky to have her in my life and everyone who I have introduced her to.

Maureen BennettDirector, MAB Interior DesignLondon

I experienced a big shock when I realized that I won’t be able to use my favourite organic skin care brand products due to allergic reactions. Today I am indeed grateful for Dr. Vidhi who helped me overcome this problem rather quickly. When my teenage daughter started using cosmetics and had similar allergic symptoms I was sure where to seek for help. Besides this problem which is already solved for both of us, today I am also enjoying an improvement of some other previous health complaints. And for that all I thank Dr. Vidhi who is a very competent homeopathic doctor.


Vidhi has an extended and special form of knowledge able to fuse western and eastern science. She has an innate predisposition for listening and understanding the voice of the body and mind, and from the very first meeting radiated me with light and positivity, which are priceless values in addition to the standard therapy. Ever since I met her, my major problems with food allergies have improved and thanks to her I learned to understand and to speak with my body

Andrea FascianiMultimedia Producer

I have been suffering from psoriasis since I was a child, but lately, from the scalp it reached other parts of my body. Vidhi first checked my situation using her methods along with a detailed case taking.Then we started a three months therapy through easy diet and food supplement. My body was quite unbalanced and eventually I got really better. I would recommend her because she is committed to the customer, she is critical with the results, her advice are homely, skilled and straightforward. The treatment is totally reliable and I definitely felt comfortable. I was very delighted to have met her

Valeria CambiaghiHomemakerLondon

I was suffering from severe weight loss. I was feeling constantly exhausted and fatigued. Vidhi helped me realize that surprisingly my digestion was the reason behind my discomfort. After I started to follow the prescribed program I felt a lot better. I wanted to go to the gym again and my work day started feeling like a breeze. Looking forward to my next appointment with Vidhi.

Halla AlkasemEntrepreneur and Co-founder of Carinaa women's fashion retail network

I could tell only the best and the most beautiful words about Vidhi. She is a true expert of homeopathy, herbs and nutrition concerns. Her professional competence and the way she communicates allow her patients to trust her from the very first consultation. I am certain that she is absolutely devoted to all of her patients. Her answers to my letters – I can really feel they are full of her best wishes, sincere happiness and also strong confidence in every issue of my health. Her positive thoughts and the way she persuades me in her letters are also a very great help to me, alongside with the remedies she recommends. It is really hard to express by words how grateful I am that I had a chance to meet Vidhi in my life. I wish her the best success in her professional and personal life.


Vidhi is a highly attuned skilled Health Practitioner and Natural therapy specialist. Vidhi has a wealth of knowledge on natural remedies and knows which remedy is best for a myriad of ailments to aid her patients to optimum health again. She is intuitive, kind, thoughtful and considerate of her patients and radiates positive influence in inspiring patients to get well again. Any patient would benefit from her calming and caring demeanour.

Natasha Anne KelleherLondon

Thanks to Vidhi I’ve discovered a new way of life. Eating well and feeling good has never been so easy: I have followed her precious advices and after few weeks I have started to feel healthier and energised. Thank You Life, Thank You Vidhi!


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