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You can have consultations in person or remotely (via Skype). Since all the services are individually tailored and bespoke, my advice will take into account any ongoing medical condition, health factors, blood test reports if you may have, religion, food preferences, and anything else that affects your diet in general. No matter which service you opt for I can help you to transform your lifestyle in order to reach the optimum state of health
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    You can also get to the centre by bus – numbers 9,14,19,22 and 38

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Vidhi has been a strong support for me in my journey especially after finding out that I had some health concerns that needed urgent attention.. She very diligently & professionally took my case in her able hands & guided me at each step with all the recommendations & modifications i needed to do in order to improve my health. Till now, she is always so kind that she instantly replies to any queries I may have and has build a relationship for a lifetime which I adore & respect the most, Thank you Dr.Vidhi.


Thanks to Vidhi I’ve discovered a new way of life. Eating well and feeling good has never been so easy: I have followed her precious advices and after few weeks I have started to feel healthier and energised. Thank You Life, Thank You Vidhi!


Vidhi is a highly attuned skilled Health Practitioner and Natural therapy specialist. Vidhi has a wealth of knowledge on natural remedies and knows which remedy is best for a myriad of ailments to aid her patients to optimum health again. She is intuitive, kind, thoughtful and considerate of her patients and radiates positive influence in inspiring patients to get well again. Any patient would benefit from her calming and caring demeanour.


I could tell only the best and the most beautiful words about Vidhi. She is a true expert of homeopathy, herbs and nutrition concerns. Her professional competence and the way she communicates allow her patients to trust her from the very first consultation. I am certain that she is absolutely devoted to all of her patients. Her answers to my letters – I can really feel they are full of her best wishes, sincere happiness and also strong confidence in every issue of my health. Her positive thoughts and the way she persuades me in her letters are also a very great help to me, alongside with the remedies she recommends. It is really hard to express by words how grateful I am that I had a chance to meet Vidhi in my life. I wish her the best success in her professional and personal life.


I was suffering from severe weight loss. I was feeling constantly exhausted and fatigued. Vidhi helped me realize that surprisingly my digestion was the reason behind my discomfort. After I started to follow the prescribed program I felt a lot better. I wanted to go to the gym again and my work day started feeling like a breeze. Looking forward to my next appointment with Vidhi.