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Every journey has a beginning…..

Hello Friends, the main reason that motivated me to create this website is to spread awareness and knowledge amongst the health seekers who want to understand the true meaning of “State of Health”. I wish to throw some light on how food, nutrition, supplements, herbs, spices have a deep and varied effect on Human body – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Since I have Indian roots and traditionally I am exposed to eastern medicines I am keen to share all my experiences and health treasures with everyone.

About Vidhi

Vidhi is a highly respected and experienced Nutritionist, qualified Homeopathic Doctor from India, Detox consultant and a Specialist in private bespoke diet plans based on medical conditions. She focuses her practice on women’s health, family medicine, mental health and nutritional health assessment.

Vidhi is known for her honest opinions about right kind of Supplements, Herbs, Essential oils, Homeopathy, Ayurveda with evidence based approach to all.

In addition to providing research based consultancy for multiple companies she also plays an active role in new product development process, formulations and helping to build a brand value. Since 2010, she has actively been involved with brands like The Organic Pharmacy, Minerva Research Labs and Young Living UK.

Vidhi has featured in Vogue Italia, Psychologies, Daily Mail, Glam and Get The Gloss